Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where will we pray?
    We will pray on the field of Angel Stadium, on the grass.  You should bring a prayer rug as there will not be paper rolls on the ground.
  2. Why are stadium entry tickets required?
    For our security, the stadium has asked the organizers to require entry tickets.  Each person must have a ticket to enter the stadium, and tickets should be purchased from the masjid offices of ICOI, IIOC, and ISOC.  Tickets cannot be obtained online.
  3. Will tickets be sold at the stadium?
    YES.  There will be a separate line for individuals to purchase tickets before entering the stadium.  We do encourage you to pre-purchase your tickets from your masjid.
  4. Are bags allowed into the stadium?
    All people will have to pass through security and bag check upon entry in the stadium.  To speed the process, we recommend not bringing bags to the stadium.  If you do need to bring bags, clear bags are recommended.
  5. I need to sit during prayer, are there any chairs available?
    Yes, we will have a limited number of chairs available during the prayer on the field. We ask that all chairs remain at the outer perimeter of the prayer space.  Handicap-friendly field access is available via the tunnels.
  6. Are there any facilities for Wudhu?
    There are washrooms within the stadium accessible from Gate 1 right beside the prayer location.
  7. What about Parking?
    Parking is free and plentiful at the stadium.  It is a short walk from the parking areas to the prayer area. We recommend a $10 donation to cover expenses.
  8. I have elderly persons with me who cannot walk long distances, is there a drop off or special area for disabled badge holders?
    Yes we have made accommodation for vehicles with disabled badges and a drop off point, please enter the Angel Stadium from Orangewood and follow directions by the parking attendants.
  9. Why is prayer starting so early?
    As we are praying outside, we want you to be comfortable and protected from the sun.  We will be praying within the shade of the stadium.  After 8:15am, on a sunny day, the area is fully exposed to the sun.
  10. What if I arrive late, will there be a second EID prayer?
    A second EID prayer is not planned. Try to arrive as early as possible.
  11. I need to get to an appointment, work, etc., what time will the EID program end?
    We will start the EID prayer at 7:30am sharp. We recommend you arrive at 6:30am for the takbirat.  Please stay for the khutbah which should end around 8:00am. If we are delayed for any reason, the EID Prayer and Khutbah should not go beyond 8:15am.
  12. Will there be any food or entertainment?
    No.  We are only planning the prayer.
  13. I want to make a donation, how can I do this?
    You can donate online towards our expenses anytime prior to the event.  At the prayer, we will have donation boxes. Cash or Checks are accepted made payable to ICOI, IIOC, or ISOC. Please write OCEID in the memo. Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your generous donation.
  14. Can I advertise or rent a booth?
    There are advertising opportunities for business and families, including the use of the large screens at Angel Stadium.  Click here for more information.
    No unauthorized flyer distribution at the stadium or in the parking lot.
  15. Can I volunteer to help?
    Yes!  Please email for volunteer opportunities prior to Eid as well as on Eid day.
  16. Where can I get more information?
    Please review the other sections of this website for more information. You may also contact your local masjid office and speak with the staff there.